The Office: 7 Characters You Love Unconditionally

The office characters you love.

The Office has been one of the best sitcoms ever made. People from all other parts of the world love this show, especially the characters in this show. This Show ruled the Television era from 

From Kevin’s “OH YEAH !!” to Michael’s “ THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID !!”,  People have enjoyed the unique nature of these characters in the Office. Some of the characters in the show aren’t much lovable but most of them are adorable. Here, we discuss the most lovable “The Office Characters”.

The Office characters you love.
Credits: NBC

List Of Most Lovable The Office Characters:

  • Michael Scott
  • Dwight Schrute
  • Jim Halpert 
  • Andy Bernard 
  • Pam Beesly
  • Angela Martin
  • Ryan Howard
credits: NBC

Michael Scott, The Regional Manager 

Michael Scott is unanimously treated as one of the best lead characters in the sitcom industry. One can easily understand the importance of this character from Season 8. The audience is heavily attracted to his mannerisms, quotes, meetings in the conference room, activities he conducted, his troubles in relationships etc. Each and every aspect of Michael Scott is highly appreciated and well-received by the audience. 

Starting as a regional manager since the beginning of the show, He continued in that position till the end of season 5 where he resigns from his position due to a dispute with the newly appointed vice president. Later on, he started his own company, Michale Scott Paper Company and recruited Pam and Ryan and looted the clients from Dunder Mifflin. Thereby, Dunder Mifflin agreed to his demands and rejoined as the Regional Manager. 

Later On, Jim Halpert was promoted as co-manager of Dunder Mifflin, Michael Scott had a hard time working along with him. When Sabre bought the Dunder Mifflin, Michael Scott was assigned to the regional manager position and Jim Halpert as Sales Representative.

After several failures in romantic relationships, Micheal Scott finally found the love of his life, Holly Flax- the HR representative from Nashua. Later on, he left Dunder Mifflin at the end of Season 7 and started a new life with her in Colorado.

His Relationships of different types with Dwight Schrute, Ryan Howard, Jan Levinson, Jim Halpert and Pam Beesly, Toby Flenderson, Erin Hannon, Holly Flax are well portrayed.

His famous quotes are “ That’s what she said !”, “ I’m not to be truffled with! ”, “ Would I rather be feared or loved? ”, “ Sometimes I start a Sentence…”, “ If I had a gun, with two bullets”, “ Little stitious”, “ I’m an early bird”, … so on… 

You can witness various alter ego characters of Michael Scott in the office as follows:

  • Ping
  • Agent Michael Scarn
  • Prison Mike
  • Date Mike
  • Blind Guy Mcsqueezy
  • Michael Klump
  • Michael The Magic
  • Caleb Crawdad
  • Santa Bond
  • Michael Wonka

Dwight Schrute, Assistant To The Regional Manager

I believe in Dwight Schrute’s Supremacy”. This is the quote used by most of the Office fans. Dwight Schrute is almost equally loved as Michael Scott by the fans. As the Assistant to the regional manager, Dwight Schrute drove the show with his elegant quotes and principles. 

His occupations throughout this show are Assistant to the Regional Manager, Beet Farmer, Agro-Tourism Inn owner, Head of sales, Special projects development team lead, Acting manager, Regional manager.

His famous words such as “Fact”, “Question” are remarkable. The way he supports Michael Scott in every situation irrespective of its seriousness is highly admired. After the departure of Michael Scott from Season 8, Dwight Schrute has carried this show on his shoulders for the last two seasons.

His long desire of becoming the regional manager of Dunder Mifflin is finally fulfilled at the end of the final season and married the love of his life, Angela Martin.

His relationships with Michael Scott, Jim Halpert, Pam Beesly, Angela Martin, Andy Bernard are worth enjoying.

Fact: Dwight Schrute is the only character to have lines in every episode.

Jim Halpert, Sales Representative

Probably the character with the highest female following, Jim Halpert is another lead character in The Office. Working as a sales representative, Jim Halpert impressed the audience with his pranks on Dwight Schrute in every(almost) episode. These pranks brought heavy laughs to this show. His relationship with Pam Beesly is another highlight feature of this show.

Apart from his relationship with Pam and pranks on Dwight, he is known for his signature staring into the camera in the middle of the episodes. From starting as a sales representative, becoming the “Guy” of the regional manager, the head of party planning committee, the co-manager of Dunder Mifflin and assistant to the regional manager; Jim Halpert’s character arc proceeds well and ends up by leaving the Dunder Mifflin for his startup.

Andy Bernard, The Nard Dog

Working as Regional director in charge of sales, Andy Bernard has entered the office in Season 3. Being a newbie in the office, Andy Bernard has progressively become one of the lead characters in the office.

Starting from having silly fights with Dwight for the No.3 Position, Andy Bernard also has a romantic relationship with Angela, who was supposed to be Dwight’s girlfriend. They got engaged and later dissolved it as Angela was cheating on him with Dwight.

Later, Andy and Dwight became good friends and later on, he had a new romantic relationship with Erin Hannon, the Office receptionist. After the departure of Michael Scott, he rose up to the Regional Manager position and Later on due to disturbing circumstances from Florida, he was demoted to a sales representative.

Just like Michael Scott, Andy Bernard resigned and started “Big Red” Paper Company and later on rejoined the Dunder Mifflin as the Regional Manager. At the end of the Final Season, He resigned from his position in search of his life ambition as a music star, he ended up working at the Administration of Cornell University.

Pam Beesly, receptionist 

Pam Beesly is everyone’s favourite Receptionist. Being an art enthusiastic, Pam Beesly works as a full-time receptionist at Dunder Mifflin. Being engaged to Roy the warehouse guy since the beginning of the show, Pam Beesly fights her instincts to decide him or Jim Halpert to be her lifelong companion. Jim Halpert, who has been loving her since the beginning of this show, never give up on her and ultimately pam choose him.

Apart from her romantic relationship, Pam also has a fair share of friendly relationships with Michael Scott, Dwight Schrute and Angela Martin. Her career progresses as follows:

From Receptionist to becoming the office administrator, Pam also performed her duties as a member of the party planning committee, sales representative at Michael Scott Paper Company, Sales representative at Dunder Mifflin.

There are rumours about the writers planning a divorce plot in this show between Jim and Pam but ultimately it didn’t happen.

Angela Martin, Senior Accountant

Angela Martin is the strict character in the office. Working as the senior accountant, Angela is the head of the party planning committee. She has the signs of behaving like a dictator… never agrees with others opinions, always complains. She shared a romantic relationship with Dwight and later on broke up with him as he “Killed” her cat. 

Then, she engaged to Andy Bernard and later on dissolved as he found her cheating on him with Dwight. Later, She married the state senator and divorced him as she found him, Gay. But, her love for Dwight never died and later she married him at the end of the season.

Her duels with Phyllis and Pam are always enjoyable.

Ryan Howard, The Temp 

Started as a temp at the office, Ryan Howard’s character arc is very exponential. Micheal was sort of used to have a “gay” crush on Ryan. Ryan shared an On-Off relationship with Kelly Kapoor. He became junior sales representative when Jim transferred to Stamford. Later, he exponentially rose to the position of Vice President and was later on fired for committing fraud and ultimately ended up at the temp position.

Then, he worked as a clerk at a bowling alley and later on joined the Michael Scott Paper Company as a sales representative. After the merge of Micheal Scott paper company with Dunder Mifflin, he was offered the position of temp.

Apart from his work profile, his relationship with Kelly Kapoor was quite hilarious and laugh-worthy.

10 Best Sitcoms You Must Include In Your List |2021|

Throughout the decades, we have witnessed so many TV shows. Out of them, Sitcoms are highly aired on tv. After coming from work, we switch on our TVs and change our channels to respective ones where we can view the best sitcoms and have a laugh.

There are so many funny sitcoms. So, what are the best Sitcoms? You may have been pondering over this question for a long time as there are so many best sitcoms in respective decades.

List of Best Sitcoms in this decade

Here we incorporated a list of Best Sitcoms in this decade, which you can watch on your own time.

The Office (2005-2013)

Compared with the other funny sitcoms, this sitcom is unique. This Sitcom wasn’t shot like a normal tv show. This whole funny Sitcom was filmed like a documentary about the daily life of a mid-range paper firm known as Dunder Mifflin located in Scranton.

This Sitcom did manage to steal people’s hearts with its documentary style so that people would feel like you are watching them closely.

Terrific performances from Steve Carell as Michael Scott, Rainn Wilson as Dwight Schrute, John Krasinski as Jim Harper, Jenna Fischer as Pam Beesly and other notable side actors have made this funny sitcom the best sitcom ever.

The Office…One of the best sitcoms ever made

Some of the famous quotes said by Michael “That’s What She Said”, “I am not to be Truffled with”, Dwight “Facts” etc. are still being quoted by its fans.

Creator: Micheal Schur, Greg Daniels

Cast: Steve Carell, Rainn Wilson, John Krasinski, Jenna Fischer, BJ Novak.

The Office, One of the best sitcoms ever made
Credits: Amazon Prime Video

Streaming Platform: Amazon Prime Video

Friends (1994-2004)

You haven’t watched Friends!!! What have you been doing in your life ?.. You have probably heard these questions from your friends if you haven’t watched Friends yet. Such an impact is created by this funny sitcom.

This Show is still being streamed by billions of people around the world. This funny sitcom ran on TV for nearly 10 years and never made its viewers get bored with any episode.

Lively Performances from Jennifer Aniston as Rachel Green, Courteney Cox as Monica Geller, Lisa Kudrow as Phoebe Buffay, Matt LeBlanc as Joey Tribbiani, Matthew Perry as Chandler Bing, David Schwimmer as Ross Geller made this Show stand at top of all sitcoms.

Their performances make you feel like they are your friends. 

Friends…One of the best sitcoms ever made

Some of the quotes like Chandler’s Sarcastic Comments, Monica’s “I know”, Phoebe’s “Oh, no”, Rachel’s “Nooo”, Ross’s “We were on a break” and the iconic Joey’s “How you doing?” are still reminiscence by its fans.

Creator: David Crane, Marta Kauffman

Cast: Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry, David Schwimmer.

credits: Netflix

Streaming Platform: Netflix 

The Big Bang Theory (2008-2019)

This funny Sitcom is one of the Best Sitcoms in this decade. This Sitcom is similar to “Friends”. In this sitcom, there will be a group of four nerdy scientists who enjoy their own company and their lives turn around when a girl moves into their apartment.

Jim Parsons as Sheldon Cooper, Johnny Galecki as Leonard Hofstadler, Kaley Cuoco as Penny, Simon Helberg as Howard Wolowitz, Kunal Nayyar as Rajesh Kootharapalli, Melissa Rauch as Bernadette Wolowitz, Mayim Bialik as Amy Farrah Fowler had rocked their performances in this Funny sitcom.

Jim Parsons’s terrific performance as Sheldon Cooper has gained a huge fan base to this sitcom. The writers managed to make the viewers laugh with the scientific jokes especially Sheldon’s Knocking style.

The Big Bang Theory… One of the Best Sitcoms ever made

Creator: Chuck Lorre, Bill Prady

Cast: Jim Parsons, Johnny Galecki, Kaley Cuoco, Simon Helberg, Kunal Nayyar, Melissa Rauch, Mayim Bialik.

credits: Amazon Prime Video

Streaming Platform: Amazon Prime Video, Netflix

How I Met Your Mother (2005-2014)

Just like “Friends”, this American funny sitcom involves a group of friends hanging out together and celebrating their friendship. This funny sitcom opens with the scene where Ted Mosby would be explaining to his children how he met their mother. 

Starring Josh Radnor as Ted Mosby, Neil Patrick Harris as Barney Stinson, Cobie Smulders as Robin Scherbatsky, Alyson Hannigan as Lily Aldrin, Jason Segel as Marshall Eriksen, this show was aired for nearly 10 years. Their performances make this sitcom one of the best sitcoms in this decade.

Neil Patrick’s stunning performance as Barney Stinson was highly recognised all over the world. 

Creator: Carter Boys, Craig Thomas

Cast: Josh Radnor, Neil Patrick Harris, Cobie Smulders, Alyson Hannigon, Jason Segel.

credits: Hotstar

Streaming Platform: Hotstar Premium

Parks and Recreation (2009-2015)

One of the Creators of “The Office”, Michael Schur brought another funny sitcom “Parks and Recreation” in his documentary style. Though this series wasn’t a big hit like “The Office”, this sitcom was funny enough to make you laugh and thus, hailed as one of the best sitcoms in this decade. 

Amy Poehler as Leslie Knope, Nick Offerman as Ron Swanson, Aubrey Plaza as April Ludgate, Aziz Ansari as Tom Haverford, Rashida Jones as Ann Perkins has made justice to their roles in this funny sitcom, one of the best sitcoms in this decade.

Among all the performances, Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman Performances are highly admired. This funny sitcom aired for 7 seasons.

Creator: Greg Daniels, Michael Schur

Cast: Amy Poehler, Nick Offerman, Aubrey Plaza, Aziz Ansari, Rashida Jones.

credits: Amazon Prime Video

Streaming Platform: Amazon Prime Video

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (2013-Present)

Another gem from Michael Schur, this time a comedy-cop documentary. Brooklyn Nine-Nine is one of the best sitcoms being aired now. This funny Sitcom didn’t get a great response in the beginning but the viewers started to embrace it and it became one of their favourite sitcoms.

Andy Sanberg as Detective Jake, Melissa Fumero as Any Santiago, Joe Lo Truglio as Charles Boyle, Chelsea Peretti as Gina Linetti has mesmerized the viewers with their natural comedic performances.

The final season of this sitcom is about to air on August 12, 2021, and fans are eagerly waiting for this season.

Creator: Daniel J.Goor, Micheal Schur

Cast: Andy Sanberg, Melissa Fumero, Joe Lo Trugilo, Chelsea Peretti

credits: Netflix

Streaming Platform: Netflix.

Modern Family (2009-2020)

This Funny sitcom shows the three modern-day families from California, dealing with their family affairs in their unique ways, landing themselves in funny situations. This Sitcom is widely regarded as one of the best sitcoms introduced in recent times.

Ed O’Neill as Jay Pritchett, Sofía Vergara as Gloria Maria Ramirez, Julie Brown as Claire Dunphy, Ty Burell as Phil Dunphy, Jesse Tyler Ferguson as Mitchell Pritchett have impressed everyone with their natural performances, made this funny sitcom as one of the best sitcoms in this decade.

This Sitcom has a long run of 11 seasons consisting of 250 episodes.

Creator: Christopher Lloyd, Stevan Levitan

Cast: Ed O’Neill, Sofía Vergara, Julie Brown, Ty Burell, Jesse Tyler Ferguson.

credits: Hotstar

Streaming Platform: Hotstar Premium.

Two and a Half Men (2003-2015)

Before “The Big Bang Theory”, Creators Bill Prady and Chuck Lorre had created one of the best sitcoms “Two and a Half Men“. This funny sitcom revolves around two brothers, one of them is a divorced father with a child and another one is the free-going jingle writer.

Jon Cryer as Alan Harper, Charlie Sheen as Charlie Harper, Angus T.Jones as Jake Harper, Conchanta Ferell as Berta, Holland Taylor as Evelyn Harper, Ashton Kutcher as Walden Schmidt, Marin Hinkle as Judith Harper, Melanie Lynskey as Rose etc. has mesmerized the viewers with their performances.

The audience has always loved the fights between Charlie and Alan, sassy comments of Berta, tricks these brothers played to avoid their mother etc. 

This Funny Sitcom had a long run for 13 years. 

Creator: Billy Prady, Chuck Lorre

Cast: Jon Cryer, Charlie Sheen, Angus T.Jones, Conchanta Ferell, Holland Taylor, Ashton Kutcher, Marin Hinkle, Melanie Lynskey.

credits: Amazon Prime Video

Streaming Platform: Amazon Prime Video, Netflix

Community (2009-2015)

This American Sitcom is based around students in a community college where a lawyer joined and this sitcom revolves around the quirkiest incidents happening with that lawyer and students.

Joel McHale as Jeff Winger, Alison Brie as Annie Edison, Gillian Jacobs as Britta Perry, Donald Glover as Troy Barnes, Yvette Nicole Brown as Shirley Bennet, Danny Pudi as Abed Nadir has impressed the viewers with their performances.

This Sitcom lasted for 6 seasons, ending in 2015.

Creator: Dan Harmon

Cast: Joel McHale, Jeff Winger, Alison Brie, Gillian Jacobs, Donald Glover, Yvette Nicole Brown, Danny Pudi.

credits: Netflix

Streaming Platform: Netflix

Young Sheldon (2017-Present)

After the biggest success of The Big Bang Theory, Creator Chuck Lorre came up with the idea of making a spin-off series of The Big Bang Theory, which was going to be specifically focused on the growth of the main character, Sheldon Cooper, since his childhood.

Iain Heritage as Sheldon Cooper, Montana Jordan as Geroge Cooper, Reegan Revord as Missy Cooper, Zoe Perry as Mary Cooper, Lance Barber as George Cooper Sr, Annie Potts as Meemaw has stolen the viewers with their natural performances.

This Funny sitcom is still being aired and running well on all platforms.

Creator: Chuck Lorre, Steven Molaro

Cast: Iain Heritage, Montana Jordan, Reegan Revord, Zoe Perry, Lance Barber, Annie Potts.

credits: Amazon Prime Video

Streaming Platform: Amazon Prime Video

15 Best Thriller Series To Watch On Netflix And Amazon Prime |2021|

Thrillers always remain one of the all-time favourite genres. Everyone likes to anticipate the things going to happen in the coming scenes in a thriller series/ thriller tv show.

There are numerous thriller series/thriller tv shows on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar etc. Not all thrillers are “thrilling” enough. 

Therefore, we made a list of the 15 best thriller series for you so that you can add to your watch list and watch whenever you can.

List Of The 15 Best Thriller Series To Watch:

Money Heist 

Creator: Álex Pina

Cast: Úrsula Corberó, Álvaro Morte, Itziar Ituño, Pedro Alonso, Alba Flores

credits: Netflix

Plot: This thriller series revolves around eight thieves who take hostages in the Royal Mint of Spain and lock themselves while the mastermind “Professor” manipulates the police to finish the task.

This thriller series received a lot of recognition from all over the world and the actor Álvaro Morte, who is portrayed as “the Professor”, has a huge fan base all over the world.

Streaming Platform: Netflix

Breaking Bad

Creator: Vince Gilligan

Cast: Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul, Anna Gunn, Dean Norris, Bob Odenkirk

Plot: A chemistry teacher due to his severe health condition, starts making drugs with his former student and the rest of this thriller series deals with the consequences to be faced by the chemistry teacher due to drug dealing.

credits: Pinterest

Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul won Emmys for their incredible performances in this series. This dramatic and thriller series has the highest IMDb rating (9.5).

Streaming Platform: Netflix

Stranger Things

Creator: The Duffer Brothers

Cast: Winona Ryder, Millie Bobby Brown, David Harbour, Finn Wolfhard

credits: Netflix

Plot: In a town named Hawkins, A young boy vanishes involving supernatural events, secret experiments and also a strange girl with superhuman abilities. 

Streaming Platform: Netflix

The Handmaid’s Tale

Creator: Mike Barker 

Cast: Elisabeth Moss, Yvonne Strahovski, Joseph Fiennes, Ann Dowd, Madeline Brewer

Plot: Due to a depletion of the Birth rate, the local government decides to force women into sexual servitude as an attempt to repopulate the world.

credits: Hulu

Elisabeth Moss played the main role in this thriller series/ thriller tv show as “The handmaid” and impressed everyone with her astonishing performance.

Streaming Platform: Amazon Prime

The Walking Dead

Creator: Frank Darabont

Cast: Andrew Lincoln, Steven Yeun, Norman Reedus, Chandler Riggs, Melissa Mcbride

Plot: In the Wake of a Zombie Apocalypse, survivors hold on to the hope of humanity by banding together to wage a fight for their survival.

credits: AMC

This thriller series received huge appreciation from zombie-movie lovers.

Streaming Platform: Netflix

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Creator: Robert Singer

Cast: Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Jim Beaver, Misha collins

Plot: Two brothers who are on a mission to know about their mother’s death, face hurdles while entering into the dark world.

credits: Amazon Prime

This sci-fi thriller series/ thriller tv show had 15 seasons.

Streaming Platform: Amazon prime

The Blacklist

Creator: Jon Bokenkamp

Cast: James Spader, Megan Boone, Diego klattenhoff, Ryan Eggold of the best thriller series on Netflix
credits: Netflix

Plot: A brilliant fugitive, who surrendered to the FBI, offers to help them in finding out the other fugitives.

James Spader solely drives this thriller series with his impeccable performance.

Streaming platform: Netflix


Creator: John Dahl

Cast: Micheal C.Hall, Jennifer Carpenter, David Zayas, James Remar

Plot: A blood Spatter analyst starts a double life, as a serial killer hunting down the criminals who are slipping away from justice.

credits: amazon prime video

This thriller series had a long run, consisting of 8 seasons.

Streaming Platform: Amazon Prime


Creator: Dennis Smith

Cast: Mark Harmon, David McCallum, Sean Murray, Brian Dietzen

Plot: A team of special agents working as a secret organisation investigate cases related to the Navy and Marine corps.

credits: Wikipedia

This thriller series has 18 seasons and is still running.

Streaming Platform: Amazon prime


Creator: Baran bo Odar, Jantje Friese

Cast: Louis Hoffman, Oliver Masucci, Jördis Tribel, Maja Schöne

Plot: A boy mysteriously disappears which leads four sets of families to go on a mind-bending mystery that spans three generations.

credits: Netflix

This Sci-fi thriller series gained huge appreciation from most Sci-fi lovers.

Streaming Platform: Netflix

The Vampire diaries

Creator: Chris Grismer

Cast: Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley, Ian Somerhalder, Kat Graham, Candice king

Plot: This Thriller Series is about two vampire brothers fighting themselves for a girl who doesn’t believe in vampires.

credits: listal

Streaming Platform: Amazon Prime, Netflix

Prison Break

Creator: Paul Scheurin

Cast: Wentworth Miller, Dominic Purcell, Robin Tunney, Peter Stormare

Plot: An Engineer lands himself in a prison to release his brother who is not guilty.

credits: Fox

This thriller series consists of 5 seasons and most of the scenes are shot in a real prison.

Streaming Platform: Hotstar

The Family Man

Creator: Raj & DK

Cast: Manoj Bajpayee, Sharib Hashmi, Priyamani, Samantha Ruth Prabhu

Plot: A middle-class man who is a spy, tries to balance his family responsibilities and also working for the secretive cell of the National Intelligence agency, protecting his nation from severe terrorist attacks.

credits: Amazon prime Video

Manoj Bajpayee drove this Thriller Series single-handedly.

Streaming Platform: Amazon Prime

Paatal Lok

Creator: Sudip Sharma

Cast: Jaideep Ahlawat, Gul Panag, Neeraj Kabi, Abhishek Banerjee, Swastika Mukherjee

Plot: A downtown Cop investigates a case of a lifetime when four suspects were murdered in the attempt of murder of a prime time Journalist. Things go so bizarre which leads the cop to follow through the “underworld”.

credits: Amazon Prime Video

This Thriller Series is highly appreciated in India and fans are hoping for another season

Streaming Platform: Amazon prime

Delhi Crime

Creator: Richie Mehta

Cast: Shefali Shah, Rasika Dugal, Rajesh Tailang, Adil Hussain, Anurag Arora

Plot: After the horrific Gang rape incident in Delhi, DCP Vartika Chaturvedi leads a mammoth search for the culprits. Based on the 2012 Nirbhaya case.

credits: Netflix

This dramatic thriller series has bagged the best drama series honour at the 48th international Emmy awards.

Streaming Platform: Netflix