Ever wondered why many people are obsessed with anime so much Because they can never grow tired of it. Many animes are packed with epic content, characters, elevations, and hype. 

Trust me, Anime isn’t some cartoon show that children watch. Once if you watch some good anime you will get addicted to it for sure and you’ll realize how much great content you are missing. 

If you feel like Anime is just not for me then you are missing great content.

Disclaimer: Fillers are the episodes that you can skip watching and the story in the fillers is not at all related to the main story.

There is a lot of anime that are considered to be must-watch anime, but here I would like to suggest you guys some of them.

List of Must-Watch Anime:

DEATH NOTE(2006 – 2007)

Almost all Anime Lovers suggest this anime to their friends who are new to the Anime world. One of the best mind games and a must-watch anime for those who love case-solving and mystery-related animes.

The concept is simple. A Book called Death Note falls from Shinigami world onto the earth. Our hero Light Yagami finds the book.

The book contains a simple rule that if the name of a person is written in the book remembering their face, that person will die. Light kills all the criminals and prisoners and then a detective named L takes over the case of these mysterious deaths. L’s identity is kept unknown.

Death Note...One of the must-watch anime related to mind games and forethought
Death Note…One of the must-watch anime related to mind games and forethought

How they confronted each other is the story……..

GENRE: Mystery, Psychological-Thriller, Supernatural-Thriller

LENGTH: 37 Episodes


AVAILABILITY: Netflix, animefrenzy.com

NARUTO(2002 – 2007) & NARUTO SHIPPUDEN( 2007 – 2017)

The first thing people think after hearing Naruto is the number of episodes. I agree that it’s a big anime but trust me at the end of the series you will feel like ” It’s over already? “

Coming to the story, Naruto is an orphan and he grows up lonely dreaming of becoming Hokage(The Best Ninja in the village) so that everyone in the village acknowledges him.

Naruto is a beautiful journey. It contains a lot of episodes but the character building is perfect. The character of Naruto feels inspiring and contains many motivating scenes.

Naruto… One of the Must-Watch Anime for those who love adventure

If we talk about Action scenes, Each of the fights is remarkable with great visual effects and is worth watching. One of the must-watch anime for those who love fights and adventure. The very first episode of the series would give you Goosebumps!!!

GENRE: Adventure, Fantasy, Comedy, Martial Arts

LENGTH: Naruto(2002-07)                    – 220 Episodes

               Naruto Shippuden(2007-17)   – 500 Episodes

FILLERS: 089 Fillers in Naruto Check here…

206 Fillers in Naruto Shippuden Check here…

AVAILABILITY: animefrenzy.com


One of the most popular and must-watch anime series. It’s already been 3 decades after its release and the fan base is still at its max till today.

The plot is simple, Goku is a Saiyan(Race with supernatural powers), who falls onto earth when he was a kid and grew on earth and he saves the earth from being destroyed by Supervillains in every saga.

Dragonball…a Must-Watch Anime that you should not miss

It is one of the best anime known for its fights, elevations, and animation. The recent Goku’s new form-’Ultra Instinct’ broke the internet on its release.

GENRE: Adventure, Fantasy, Martial Arts

LENGTH: Dragon Ball(1986-89)                                  – 153 Episodes

                 Dragon Ball Z(1989-96)                               – 291 Episodes

                 Dragon Ball GT(1996-97)                            –  64 Episodes

                 Dragon Ball Z Kai(2009-11,2014-15)           – 98 & 61 Episodes

                 Dragon Ball Super(2015 – 18)                    – 131 Episodes

                 Super Dragon Ball Heroes(2018 – Present) –   36 Episodes released so far

FILLERS: 21 Fillers in Dragon Ball Check here…

                39 Fillers in Dragon Ball Z Check here…

                All 65 episodes are Fillers in Dragon Ball GT

                02 Filler in Dragon Ball Z Kai Check here…

                14 Fillers in Dragon Ball Super Check here…

                01 Filler so far in Super Dragon Ball Heroes Check here…

AVAILABILITY: animefrenzy.com


Attack On Titan is one of the must-watch anime and the best of all time. The animes that are perfect in all aspects are very rare and Attack on Titan is one among them.

The Action Sequences are too good and the soundtrack has a separate fan base. 

The plot is simple. Our Hero Eren Yeager witnesses his mother being eaten alive by a Titan(Humongous Monsters) and at the moment he promises himself to eliminate all the titans. 

Attack On Titan… undoubtedly a Must-Watch Anime among the recent releases

Eren and his friends, Mikasa and Armin join the Scout Regiment, an elite group of soldiers who fight Titans. Every character in the series was well built over the episodes and the animation is also great.

GENRE: Action, Dark-Fantasy

LENGTH: Season 1 – 25 Episodes 

    Season 2 – 12 Episodes

    Season 3 – 12 Episodes

    Season 4 – 16 Episodes

    Season 5 –  To be aired soon…


AVAILABILITY: animefrenzy.com


It is also one of the highly-rated anime. Alchemy is something we studied in our School/College. Don’t mind if you don’t remember. A Dark and Thrilling story is built using Alchemy.

Coming to the story, Edward and Alphonse are brothers, and they try to reincarnate their mother using alchemy. But In return, Edwards loses one of his hands and leg and Alphonse loses his entire body.

The story is about how they got Alphonse’s body back and their struggle in doing so. Every character was hyped and the ending is out of the box!!

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood…One of the top-rated and a Must-Watch Anime

Do not miss this one it’s one of the highly-rated anime in IMDb and a must-watch anime.

GENRE: Dark-Fantasy, Science Fiction, Adventure

LENGTH: 64 Episodes

FILLERS: 1 Filler Episode Check here…

AVAILABILITY: Netflix, animefrenzy.com

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ONE PUNCH MAN(2015 – 2019)

When compared to other animes, One Punch Man seems to be completely different and unique. Our Hero, Saitama is madly powerful in that he can defeat any opponent in a single punch.

Don’t feel like if he can defeat anyone in just a punch then how would this be interesting. Every episode of the show has a lot of comedy and entertainment.

Many Anime fights have a lot of conversations in between the fight and they fight for several episodes. But One-Punch Man is a satire to all of those.

One Punch Man…One of the perfectly adopted anime from manga

A perfectly adapted series from the manga and did not miss a single detail. If you are bored with big animes and are looking for a change, then One Punch Man is the choice I suggest and a must-watch anime.

GENRE: Action, Comedy, Superhero

LENGTH: 24 Episodes


AVAILABILITY: Netflix, animefrenzy.com


Almost all animes are adopted from Manga. Manga is Japanese comics that are later converted into Anime. No Manga reader satisfies with watching anime after reading manga. But Demon Slayers Manga readers double satisfied after watching anime due to its animation. Every episode is a visual spectacle.

Our Hero Tanjiro loses his family after a demon attacks his family when he was not home and converts one of his sisters, Nezuko into a demon. Unlike other demons, Nezuko does not feed on humans and even recognizes his brother.

To turn her back into a human he joins Demon Slayer Corps, professionals who hunt demons.

Demon Slayer… One of the perfectly adapted manga with great visual effects

The fanbase spiked for the series for just only a single season and a movie. One of the must-watch anime for those who like demon-related animes. The Movie that was released recently was the highest-grossing anime movie of all time.

GENRE: Adventure, Dark-Fantasy, Martial Arts

LENGTH: Season 1 – 26 Episodes

Season 2 – To be aired soon…


AVAILABILITY: Netflix, animefrenzy.com


Who wouldn’t love time travel stories? Many of us even have a fantasy of going back in time and correct some of our mistakes.

The plot is very simple. At the beginning of the anime, a serial killer kills our hero’s mother. The next moment hero goes back to his elementary days and makes some changes to save her mother in the future.

Erased…One of the best short and a Must-Watch Anime

This time-travelling story is one of the must-watch anime. The direction is really good and the anime is one of the smallest ones and you can finish it in a day.

GENRE: Mystery, Science Fiction, Thriller

LENGTH: 12 Episodes


AVAILABILITY: animefrenzy.com


My Hero Academia is a Super Hero anime. In most superhero anime, the hero would already be having some powers but this one gives you a different feeling.

In this anime’s universe, this superpower is called be Quirks. About 80% of the population is estimated to be having these Quirks. Our Main Character Izuku Midoria dreams of becoming a superhero but he lacks Quirks.

So the story stresses how Midori became a superhero and what are the things he faced after becoming a superhero.

My Hero Academia… It is one of the best Super Hero animes you must not miss

The animation is great and the fluidic animations during fights make it one of the best and a must-watch anime.

GENRE: Adventure, Science Fantasy, Superhero

LENGTH: 103+

FILLERS: 3 Fillers so far Click here…

AVAILABILITY: Netflix, animefrenzy.com

PARASYTE: THE MAXIM(2014 – 2015)

The Philosophy at the end of the series is remarkable. Coming to the story, Some parasites invade the earth and they host the human bodies to take control of their bodies.  When our hero got attacked by a parasite he tries to stop it from entering further into the body and the parasite matures inside his hand before entering the brain and now it cannot take control over the body.

Both our hero and parasite become good friends. To sustain, This Parasyte needs the hero’s body to be alive and helps him when other parasites attack him.

The fight scenes are great and even the love track goes well. One of the must-watch anime for those who like fights more and good animations.

Parasyte: The Maxim… One of the supernatural anime with great visuals

GENRE: Horror, Thriller, Science Fiction

LENGTH: 24 Episodes


AVAILABILITY: animefrenzy.com

I have a suggestion for you to watch these animes in the Japanese language with English Subtitles rather than watching in English Dub. Once you get used to it, trust me you even start talking in Japanese and do not miss the openings of each anime.


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That’s it for the suggestions of must-watch anime in your lifetime.

Hope it was helpful.

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