Naruto is one of the best and most popular Shounen animes around the world with a massive fan base. This ninja-themed anime made its debut in the year 2007 and was completed by the year 2017 making two parts namely Naruto and Naruto Shippuden.

Naruto is a beautiful journey full of action, comedy, adventure, and epic fights. This anime has very good character development and is a visual spectacle for action lovers.

So for now enjoy the most epic and dramatic naruto moments that would surely show you why this anime was considered to be one of the best Shounen Animes.

Epic Naruto Moments

Gaara vs Rock Lee

The epic battle between Gaara and Rock Lee gives you the taste of how epic the fights would be in the entire series. The Chunin exams Arc is one of the favourite arcs for many people and the best fight throughout the tournament would be the fight between Gaara and Rock Lee. Who would have thought that Rock Lee would give such a tough competition against Gaara and this epic fight was awesome?

Shisui’s Sacrifice

After his eye being stolen by Danzo, Shisui gets cornered by Danzo’s men and Itachi comes to rescue Shisui and Shisui gives the other eye to Itachi entrusting him the Uchiha’s Future and wantedly dies by falling into the river. This awakens Mangekyou Sharingan in Itachi and the farewell dialogues were so sad that they would make you cry.

Naruto’s Epic Entry

In the Pain Arc, When Pain destroys the entire Konoha using his Almighty Push(Shinra Tensei) Naruto suddenly appears from the frog island with 3 huge frogs and a medium-sized frog, and two master frogs after mastering the sage mode. This epic entrance is considered to be one of the epic Naruto moments that would give you Goosebumps!

Kurama Accepts Naruto

Right from the start of the series, Kurama(9 Tailed beast) always hated being kept inside a human. But later on, Kurama accepts naruto as his friend and helps naruto fight with his tailed beast power making him much more powerful.

Kurama Accepts Naruto…One of the Best Naruto Moments

This is the very first stage where Naruto and Kurama become best buddies. This was one of the best naruto moments that made fans hyped for the epic battles that would be aired in the upcoming days at that time.

3rd Hokage’s Sacrifice

Next comes the 3rd Hokage’s Sacrifice during the invasion of Konoha by Orochimaru. One of the saddest and the very first deaths in the series. To stop Orochimaru, Sarutobi(3rd Hokage) invokes the shinigami, which takes his own life in return for using the technique. The music made all of its fans cry and it is one of the saddest naruto moments.

Kakashi vs Obito

Uchiha Obito who aimed to become Hokage at a young age always thought of Kakashi as a friendly rival, Since Kakashi excels in the team. He was thought of being dead in an accident during the 3rd Ninja war but, After a major reveal (SPOILER ALERT) that Obito is still alive and he is the one who started the war.

Kakashi vs Obito…One of the best naruto moments

Kakashi hesitates to fight him but ultimately a great battle starts between the friends with a lot of conversation in between.

Reveal of Tobi’s True Identity

Right from the moment the character Tobi was introduced, he was thought to be a comedian. But who would have imagined that this guy is a credible threat to the ninja world? The reveal was such a shock to all the fans that it broke the internet with #tobi #obito on Twitter right after the reveal that Tobi is none other than Obito.

Asuma’s Death and Shikamaru’s Revenge

Though Asuma wasn’t that powerful as many other characters in the series, his fight with Hidan was great. But in the end, Asuma gets a devasting blow that was unexpected and the death makes you shed tears. His last words to his team members make you cry and after that Shikamaru takes revenge on Hidan for killing Asuma and promises Asuma on taking care of his child.

Tobi vs Minato

The fight between Tobi and Minato is one of the greatest naruto moments. This fight gives you a glimpse of how powerful Minato is and his Jutsu. The way he fights gives you goosebumps. You will be seeing the most satisfying Rasengan ever in the entire Naruto series.

Reanimated Hokage’s Entry 

When Orochimaru summons the 4 Hokage since Sasuke wanted to talk to them regarding Itachi’s Sacrifice and when they sense Madara’s chakra they enter the battlefield to fight him and the entry gives you chills. Right after the entry, they start trying to stop ten tails movement and succeed which gives the entire army a power boost.

Guy vs Madara

One of the OverPowered battles in the entire series. Guy opens 8 gates and fights Madara since only taijutsu and senjutsu works against Madara. This fight was unexpected and who would have thought that Guy would give such a tough competition to Uchiha Madara, who was one of the strongest shinobis. This is the only battle that reveals the power of 8 gates opening.

Minato and Kushina’s Death

Another saddest naruto moment that made all the fans cry. To save naruto from Kurama, Minato seals half of the Kurama inside baby naruto and half inside him and Minato and Kushina die to protect naruto from Kurama and their farewell dialogues make you cry.

Itachi vs Sasuke

Sasuke who wanted to seek revenge on Itachi for killing the entire Uchiha Clan finally meets him and an intense battle starts between them after a little conversation. This intense battle reveals a lot of new Jutsu that is visually spectacular. This bate between the two Uchiha Brothers is one of the best fights in the series.

Itachi’s Truth

After the fight between the Brothers, Itachi dies and Tobi tells Sasuke the entire truth behind the Uchiha Massacre and the pain that Itachi has gone through to do so. The truth was such a big shock for many fans who after became fans of Uchiha Itachi.

Uchiha Madara’s Entry

Madara’s appearance in the Fourth Shinobi war. What an entrance!! Madara gets reincarnated ad Edo Madara and starts battling the 4th division and wipes out all the shinobi within minutes. He later demonstrates a bit of his power which divides tremble with fear. One of the badass Naruto Moments.

Jiraiya’s Death

Jiraiya’s death is certainly one of the iconic losses for the fans in the series. In a mission of gathering intel on Pain, Jiraiya fights with the 6 bodies of Pain and dies. It was such a painful moment for fans since the relation between Naruto and Jiraiya was shown more like a father-son relation. Seeing Jiraiya die with a smile entrusting the future to naruto is one of the uplifting naruto moments.

Naruto vs Sasuke Final Battle

At the last, we have the epic battle between Naruto and Sasuke. Of course, the series has to end this way. This is the ultimate battle of philosophy taking so much pride in it.

naruto moments
Naruto vs Sasuke…One of the Best Naruto Moments

Sasuke can be seen as a combination of all the ideologies that naruto has to overcome in his journey and no one else could be a more fitting final opponent for naruto. But at the end of the fight, both of them lose each of their hands because of the clash between Ultimate Chidori and Rasengan.

Naruto is a series full of many more exciting, heart-touching, and heart-breaking epic moments. Hope I, have covered them so far. So this is all about the greatest naruto moments. You can comment down your favourite Naruto moments if I have missed any.


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