Shounen anime refers to the anime that contain young teen boy’s action as the main theme and those that typically contains action, adventure, friendship, comedy, etc.,

Shounen anime is pretty much popular because it showcases young boys as the main characters who have superpowers or gain superpowers during their journey when they are thrown into the outside world/when they face the outside world’s brutal reality.

There have been many Shounen anime and manga(Japanese Comics) released so far and the sales of manga in the shounen genre made many writers concentrate on the Shounen genre more resulting in the increased number of shounen anime releases.

Among them, I would like to list some of the most popular and exciting shounen anime here.

Some Of The Best Shounen Anime:

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is one of the top-rated anime on IMDb. The entire plot was built a good and had no boring episodes. The end of every episode makes you watch the next episode at the very moment.

The plot is pretty simple. Edward and Alphonse are brothers and they try some forbidden alchemy to reincarnate their mother. Something goes wrong and Edward loses a leg and a hand and Alphonse loses his entire body.

Shounen anime is one of the most liked genres in the animeverse
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood… One of the top-rated Shounen Anime

To resurrect their bodies and body parts back, they search for a philosopher’s stone and learn many more new things along the journey.

Hunter X Hunter

One of the best shounen anime released so far. Similar to Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood the anime has taken the 2nd adaption from the manga.

The plot focuses on Gon Freecss, a young boy who wants to become a hunter inspired by his father. Hunters are the special people with Hunters License that can give them access to remote places, special investigations, and discoveries.

Hunter X Hunter…One of the best action and adventure animes

Gon wants to find his father who left him when he was born. Knowing that his father was an Elite Hunter, Gon wants to become a hunter and find his father, whose whereabouts were not known to the world for the past few years. The character building was so good and the supporting characters were also damn good.

One Piece

One Piece is one of those big animes with more than 1000 volumes in manga and 980+ episodes in anime. This Adventure anime is a masterpiece from ‘Eiichiro Oda’ started in the year 2000 and is still running. Oda stated that he would complete the series within 6 years in one of the recent interviews to make this anime end in the year 2027(Estimated).

The Anime focuses on a young boy named Monkey.D.Luffy was inspired by his idol, Shanks who is one of the great Pirates, and Luffy sets off on a journey as a pirate, recruiting new crew members with the ultimate goal of finding the greatest treasure hidden by the Pirate King Gol.D.Roger.

One Piece… One of the most popular running Shounen Animes.

The anime world contains Devil Fruits that give the person who ate it some Supernatural Powers but with a disadvantage that he becomes a hammer in the water(Cannot swim). 

The Character development is good and the Animation for the first half seems a bit dull because it was released in the early ‘20s but the anime has attained a huge fan base so far.

Attack On Titan

Attack On Titan, without a doubt, is the most popular anime in the world right now. So far 4 seasons were released and the final season is about to be released in December 2021 which would put an end to the story.

The story is, In this anime, there exist some gigantic monsters called Titans. The last of the humanity exists in between three walls and these walls are made so tough such that no Titan can destroy it and roam inside.

Attack On Titan…One of the most popular and emerging Shounen Anime

One day 2 humongous titans named Armed Titan and Colossal Titan destroy the first wall and make all the abnormal titans sneak into the city. Our hero Eren Yeager sees a titan eating his mother alive and swears to kill all of them and joins the survey corps to get trained with his friends Mikasa and Armin.

The way he kills the titans and the power he possesses were all spectacularly shown in the anime. The Sound Track has a huge fan base.

Dragon Ball Z

This Shounen anime is the dad of all. It made its debut in the year 1989 and it has become one of the most successful manga and anime series of all time.

This anime contains people with superhuman powers called Saiyans. And one of the Saiyans fall into the earth when he was a kid and he gets raised on the earth, he believes the earth is his home and fights every Villain that comes to occupy/destroy the earth.

Dragonball Z… One of the most liked Shonen Anime

These Saiyans contain some advanced forms that give you chills whenever seen and the character development is the most appreciable parameter of this anime.

The Graphics was very good in the recently released series. But a true DBZ fan always likes the vintage graphics that anime used to have in first sagas.

Naruto and Naruto Shippuden

Without a doubt, Naruto is one of the most popular animes around the world. Trust me, you can even see hotels/Restaurants decorated in the entire theme in many parts of Japan, It’s that popular.

Coming to the story, This anime entirely stresses a character called Naruto. He is an orphan containing a Nine-Tailed beast sealed in his body and the entire village treats him like a monster.

Naruto… One of the widely popular Shounen Anime

Naruto wants to become a hero of the village called Hokage(Best Ninja) so that everyone in the village acknowledges him. His journey is the entire story and a must-watch Shounen anime.

Apart from naruto, there are a lot more characters that might get your attention, the character development of every character is good. For those who like action and fights, this Shounen Anime is an eye feast.


Haikyu is one of the sports anime. And the sport is Volleyball.

Our Hero Hinata gets obsessed with volleyball after watching a game played nationally on TV. Despite being short he gets inspired by kurasuno and decides on joining the volleyball club in his school.

Haikyuu…One of the best Sports anime in Shounen genre

Later he recognizes he is the only member of the club, he asks his friends to join the club so that he would practice. Later they become a team and compete in a tournament and their journey starts…

Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer, with just a single season comprising of 24 episodes, Demon Slayerthis anime made a big impact in the anime world. The impact was such a huge one that the movie that was released recently was the highest-grossing anime movie.

Our Hero Tanjiro Kamado’s family gets massacred by a demon when he was not at home, except one of his sisters, Nezuko who turns into a demon. 

Demon Slayer… One of the best graphics anime with a perfect manga adaption

Even though Nezuko becomes a demon she recognizes his brother and she does not cause any harm to humans. Tanjiro decides to join Demon Slayer Corps so that he can become a demon slayer and hunt down each of them and turn back her sister into a human.

The Graphics is fantastic and the anime is a perfectly adapted anime from manga without missing a single detail. Do not miss this Shounen Anime.

Black Clover

Black Clover is an anime that focuses on magic. Even though it is slow, it develops good suspense allowing us to enjoy the rush while watching this anime.

The story contains two characters namely Asta and Yuno. Asta does not have magical powers but has huge physical strength. Yuno has magical powers. One of the must-watch Shounen Animes that includes great passion and teamwork.

Black Clover…One of the best Magic related animes

Both of them join different Magic Knight Squad to fulfill their dream of becoming the wizard king. One of the most popular manga written so far and anime too…

That’s it for the Shounen anime suggestions. Hope it was helpful.

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